Bahia de Concepcion


Drove mostly highway & came across Bahia de Concepcion. I found a really cool spot with a sand bar. Camping only cost $5 US. While setting up I met some people in an RV from BC, Canada, who have spent nearly 10 years traveling. Also met a couple from Northern California. They showed me the night time spectacle. Fish eggs are luminescent and would glow brighter when disturbed. Off in the distance…

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Moto Arrival in West Virgina

Moto Arrival in West Virgina

In the morning I repeated the same pack-up. This time I strapped my backpack onto the yellow dry sack. I had ridden with it on my back from New Mexico to Kentucky and the weight was getting to me. Although I started to do this earlier in AZ I was paranoid of it coming undone. It had my laptop, which I needed for work once I get to West Virginia, as well as other expensive electronics. I spent a…

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Bahia de los Angeles

Bahia de los Angeles


Made it to Bahia de los Angeles and Al Walter’s favorite spot. I stopped to have dinner at a small restaurant. While eating I met a couple from Washington on their way to Central America on a motor bike. After they left another couple pulled up in a VW Bus. They came all the way from Montreal. We talked about all kinds of things, even some politics. Leaving my excellent chicken dinner I headed…

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Moto into Kentucky


Stumbling out of the tent in the morning I quickly began to pack. The days of riding through nothing made me want to hurry up and get through the next flat part to where nice places were. During packing the husband of the host came over to say hi. We talked for a while about traveling. He had taken a bike trip similar to what I did back in the late 50’s or early 60’s. He ran on aviation gas and…

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Central America Expedition Ep 1 from Safari Pacific on Vimeo.

On June 23rd 2010 I finally departed on my Central America trip. Here are my journals and photos.

As much as we may research and plan out the events in our lives, we can never truly escape the randomness of the world. With the slightest gesture of a stranger, our paths can change inevitably to an unknown route. Unnerving as it may feel, the unpredictability of life is what keeps me going. While not completely adjusted to the new mission at hand, simmering on the stove, for what seems to be an eternity, are the essential ingredients. The stew of preparation is ready for the first serving.

Quite ironically two years ago today I began the lengthy process of extending my truck’s cab and researching for a round the world trip. Riddled with highs and lows of learning new skills, set backs, building components and rebuilding components. I have emerged, poised on the window of opportunity. Tucked away in the dark, my truck sits ready for departure. With personal effects loaded, I open the final doorway blocking my path to the world. Mixed excitement and nerves run their course with nothing left to do but turn the key, crank up some music and hit the road to Central America.

Gonzaga Bay, Baja

I left camp early and headed to San Felipe. There I met a bunch of people at a gas station asking what I do. One couple was from the North West and a couple of other guys were in town for the SCORE San Felipe 250. Pushing onward I made it to Gonzaga Bay where I met a couple in a Jeep. The guy driving told me there was a lady in the campgrounds that is just wrapping up here around the world drive…

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Moto Through Oklahoma into Missouri

Moto Through Oklahoma into Missouri


Crawling out of bed was harder this morning. My back was sore from dropping the bike yesterday. I took a couple pain pills and took a hot shower. I packed my bike up inside the hotel room, which was a new experience. As I roll the bike out the door a couple of other guests were staring. Guessing they haven’t seen something like this before. I finish strapping on my bags then head to a coffee…

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Baja California 2009

Springtime 2009 I took a trip down the Baja peninsula. Here are my journals and photos.

On the first day of the trip I headed from Phoenix towards Yuma where I crossed border into Mexico at Algodones. I got kicked out because I was carrying to much fuel, according to the border officials. I drove back into Arizona then over to San Luis where I crossed without any problems. Mostly passing small…

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Moto Motel Check-In


Today I wanted to get through Texas and all the flat boring land. I fueled up the bike and hit the highway. Just before I crossed into Texas a trucker tried to run me off the road. He decided he wanted to pass another semi while going uphill. Needless to say he didn’t bother looking. I specifically mounted my headlight to point right at a semi truck’s driver window so this wouldn’t happen. The…

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Smelly Biker in New Mexico

Smelly Biker in New Mexico


Moonscapes were the view from my tent in the morning as the sun came over the hills. Not a cloud in the sky. Crazy considering it was going to rain heavy again today according to the weather report. So much for forecasts. I started my new daily routine of packing all the gear back onto the bike. After that I headed for breakfast in town and then back on the road. My original intention was to…

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Monument Valley


ImageSmart decisions are not always made when traveling. After deliberating for a couple of hours, Tim and I decided to visit Monument Valley as neither of us had previously been there. Just one catch, it was 9 o-clock Friday evening. Not being a stranger to driving twelve hours strait, I had no preconceived notions that already being awake all day would wear me down. After packing the sleeping gear…

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