BCV: Sitting Beside Myself

BCV: Sitting Beside Myself


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It was the Russian architecture that prompted me to visit the Kenai Peninsula, but it was the scenery that captivated me. Of all the places I visited, this is, by far, my favorite location in Alaska.  The beautiful Kenai Fjords National Park is located on the peninsula.  The northwest coast of the peninsula is marshy and with less elevation but is the home to a clear and inviting beach.…

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MX1 fixed and back on the road

MX1 fixed and back on the road

featured-20140914After receiving the radiator and other parts on Wednesday, I installed them without any big issues. Yesterday I took a drive up Middle Canyon to make sure everything was ok offroad and up hills. At the top of the mountain there is an overlook of Salt Lake and Kennecott copper mine. I was relieved that I arrived with no boiling going on in the motor. All seems well, which means I’m back on the…

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BCV: It’s Not Always a Pot of Gold!

BCV: It’s Not Always a Pot of Gold!


This is me at the end of the rainbow NOT finding financial security!

It was bound to happen. We’ve had a few mechanical issues to deal with on this trip, but nothing that left us disabled on the side of the road. Luckily, when it did happen, it was only the trailer and not the truck. We were thirty-five miles east of Glennallen, Alaska, eastbound, when I looked in my driver’s side mirror and saw…

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BCV: Anchorage & Dog Sled Ride

BCV: Anchorage & Dog Sled Ride


Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska. It has the accoutrements of any urban area and of all the places we visited in Alaska so far, it has the least Alaskan aura.  Nevertheless, it has many offerings worthy of mentioning. First of all, the bike paths throughout the city are phenomenal. They are converted to cross-country ski tracks during the winter months that allow pedestrians on foot,…

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Moto Crossing CA to AZ

Moto Crossing CA to AZ


Unable to sleep most of the night I ended up getting going later that I wanted. I hit the road around 7 am and hit the highway around 7:30 am. It was a surprisingly cold morning, which was nice knowing I would be crossing the desert soon. From Beaumont, CA I took interstate 10 East through Palm Springs and into the barren land of nothing. The trip to Blythe was fairly easy and I didn’t get tired…

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BCV: It’s a Small World Afterall

BCV: It’s a Small World Afterall

Traveling to Alaska, I expected to meet people from all over the United States and the world since Alaska is a destination for people worldwide. I camped next to a couple who journeyed here from Austria. I met a group of four who hailed from Australia at Tetlin National Forest. A couple traveling on motorcycle from Brussels; another couple on motorcycles from New Zealand. Closer to home, I ran…

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2400 Miles on a 1982 Honda

2400 Miles on a 1982 Honda


This year I had itchy feet to take on another challenge. I have been stagnant for quite a while in the travel department and needed to get out on the road again. With reality weighing in constantly, I knew I wouldn’t be able to completely escape as I did in 2007 for my big North America trip. I had customers that I needed to keep happy and my servers to keep online. A friend of mine on the East…

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BCV: Denali


Because I had seen plenty of black and brown bears already, when the subject of visiting Denali National Park arose, I was uncommitted about going. Jim, as well as other people I had met in Alaska, encouraged the trip. Jim has fond memories of Denali based on a visit during his teenage years. He remembers standing on a viewing platform at what is now the Eielson Visitors Center and viewing the…

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Tooele, Utah


All interstate driving today as I nurse the truck into Tooele, Utah. Some of the roads made the passenger side bounce uncontrollably. You don’t realize what parts really do until you beak them. Stopping by a auto parts store I picked up an electric fan and 2 shocks then headed for my families house. Once I got to Tooele, UT I relaxed the rest of the day. Over four weeks of driving strait can be…

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